How Science And Religion Eliminate Mental Health Problems

Every mental disorder can be cured when we understand that we have to stop having the behavior imposed by our anti-conscience and we do what God shows us in our dreams.

Obedient students and patients always find solutions and evolve. You have to be one of them.

Disobedient patients keep listening to the repetitive thoughts sent by their anti-conscience, and this is why they cannot abandon the vicious circle of craziness.

God repeats the same messages many times in many different ways until the dreamer will finally agree to do what He is showing him or her.

The dreamer must combat the absurd thoughts sent to his conscience by his anti-conscience instead of listening to them, and agree with God.

God is a very patient doctor who never abandons anyone, but if you don’t obey his guidance, you are merely wasting your time, while you are exposed to numerous dangers. You have to follow God’s guidance in order to evolve and stop being a victim of your satanic anti-conscience.

You must trust your doctor’s guidance, and not your personal opinion.

You have to learn how to combat the absurd thoughts sent to your conscience instead of believing in the unrealistic ideas of the modern civilization.

You also have to believe in your religion. God is alive and He created your religion in order to purify your spirit.

When I was a teenager I was an atheist, but God showed me through many ways that He is alive and that I have the moral obligation to transmit this knowledge to the atheistic and materialistic world because God must be respected.

After discovering the existence of the anti-conscience God made me stop writing my scientific book and remember the religious lessons I had in the Catholic school where I had studied. I had to go to the church and follow religious seminars with priests and nuns.

My scientific research was interrupted because I had to understand the real meaning of my religion. I wouldn’t be able to deal with a demon that generates invincible mental disorders based only on the scientific knowledge I had acquired.

My religion helped me understand the meaning of my suffering. I realized that everything I had learned in the religious lessons I had when I was a child was true.

All religions help you find God and protect your human side. You have to be humble and respect the meaning of your religion the same way you have to respect the meaning of your dreams.

The scientific translations discovered by Carl Jung really translate God’s words in dreams. I merely simplified and clarified his method, proving to the world that the unconscious mind that produces our dreams is God’s mind and that we are not human. We are in fact cruel demons. This is why we have to precisely obey God’s guidance in our dreams. We must learn how to become really human.

Dream therapy is more than a mental health treatment. This method helps you find God and verify the importance of your religion. All religions teach you the same truths focusing on different aspects of your complex spiritual reality.

God gives you scientific explanations for religious mysteries in your dreams.

Dream therapy according to the scientific method of dream interpretation helps you find sound mental health and eternal peace. This method helps you definitively stop being a wild animal and become an admirable human being.

This is a natural mental health treatment that helps you purify your spirit and become a brilliant human being.

You can learn the dream language thanks to my simplifications and translate the meaning of your dreams yourself. God helps you understand your psychological problems and become a psychologist. You receive free psychotherapy and special information in your dreams forever.

I could find support thanks to the dream messages even before learning well Carl Jung’s complicated and obscure method of dream interpretation. You may say that I was a very good student and I had to time to care about this matter because I was a young mother when I started seriously studying Jung’s method and I stopped working to stay home with my baby.

I also had an extraordinary literary talent that was inspired by the unconscious mind. The literary book I had written when I was a teen helped me discover the meaning of many dream symbols when I learned Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation because all personages of the story were important dream symbols.

I had many advantages besides having a serious mental health problem, but you have more advantages than I did because you have my simplifications and clarifications.

* You already know that you have inherited a terrible anti-conscience that generates mental disorders within your conscience and that all your dreams help you fight the demon you have inherited in your brain.

* You know that your purpose in life is to become an admirable human being.

* You know that God is the dream producer and that you can completely trust the dream messages because God is your doctor.

So, you are better equipped to triumph over all challenges than me.

Source by Christina Sponias

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